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Green, my favourite colour

I was searching in TK Maxx yesterday for the cheap A5 Adelphi I’d seen in there last week (alas, it was gone!) when I found this little beauty:


A green notebook! I love green. As the title states, it’s my favourite colour. The vibrancy of the notebook doesn’t really come out in the photos but it’s really, really bright!


It has a purely green first page, and then this quote on the second page. After that come the note pages, each with a green-related quote:



Excuse the hands holding the book open – I hate my hands and I tried to keep them out of the photos as much as possible!

Even the edges of the pages are green:


Best of all, this beautiful book only cost me £2!



The obligatory pen test:



Excuse my scruffy handwriting! There’s a slight bit of bleed-through from the fountain pen, but it’s not too bad – I’ll probably stick to using my trusty Frixion in it though! I’ve come to the conclusion that purple and green is my favourite colour combination, which must be why the Springboard appealed to me so much in the first place!

Now unfortunately, it does have a mark on the back:


Try as I might, I can’t stop myself from being annoyed by it! The notebook is also quite dirty but as it’s made from a plasticky faux leather, it should wipe clean, so that isn’t so much of an issue.

When I bought this, the original plan for it was to chop it up and punch holes so it could go in my Personal Springboard – it matches the colour scheme perfectly – but I think it’s far too beautiful for that! The pages are slightly bigger than Personal pages too – they’re about 5mm bigger at the top and bottom and 1cm bigger at the side, so they’d stick out:


I’m just going to keep it as a notebook in my bag, I think. I don’t carry notebooks as a rule (that’s what my Springboard is for!) but this one is far too pretty to leave at home!

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Indecisiveness is my middle name

I’m really, really indecisive. Honestly. If my bank balance allowed it, I would be using a new handbag every fortnight and treating myself to a new Filofax every week. I just can’t decide on one thing, and I like to experiment with all the alternatives.

Until now.

I’ve swapped and changed Filofaxes more times than I can count this month. I bought a new Pocket Mode (which I will show you in another post), I bought a Santoro diary to slip inside the pocket because I find Filofax diary inserts far too plain, I toyed with the idea of buying an A5 Adelphi for £16.99 in TK Maxx (which I regret not getting and will be correcting this at the weekend)… I’ve been searching and searching for my ideal setup and I finally think I might have found it:

I’m back in the Springboard.

Now the guilt of not using my Pocket Metropol will always hang over me, as it was a Christmas present from my partner’s gran. The trouble is, I do find it far too small for proper day-to-day use. I’m currently using it as a finance organiser, to log my outgoings and keep track of my bank balance. I bought a Pocket Mode on an impulse because I love the colours – pink and mint green! It’s simply beautiful – and whilst I am in love with the Mode and the fact it lies flat straight away (the holy grail of Filofax ownership), the size is still an issue. I’ll have to find a use for it because I can’t bear to be away from it.

So at the moment I’m back in my beloved Springboard. I’m in love with the colour contrast – fuchsia and green! – and the personal size is just the right compromise between space to write and portability. Plus it’s a lot easier to find diary inserts which are lined, which is a huge must for me. I definitely think the Springboard will be my long-term portable planner.

I’m also using an A5 planner from Paperchase. I absolutely love the design, and the A5 size is just amazing – space to write! Record ALL the things! It’s also a lot easier to buy beautiful notebook paper and punch holes in it, as A5 is a standard size. The A5 isn’t exactly portable though, so it stays at home. I use it to satisfy my need to decorate pages with stickers and highlighting, to store the stickers I buy, and to write things like my partner’s work shifts and appointments, on top of my own shifts and appointments. It’s basically a stay-at-home planner for both my partner and I to refer to (not that he ever looks at it, but the thought’s there) and I do make a lot of notes in the back. It contains general information like what the excess is on our home insurance and other boring, adult facts.

So now I’ve found my own set-up that works for me, perhaps I can stop buying new stationery and lusting over Filofaxes I don’t need!

Who am I kidding?

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Filofax Flex vs Personal

When I first heard about the Filofax Flex, I assumed they would come in the same main three sizes as Filofax binders come in – Pocket, Personal and A5. They do come in Pocket and A5 – but instead of Personal, they come in something different called “Slim”. So how exactly do Slim and Personal differ?

I own a Magenta Slim Flex and a Personal Springboard, so I took some photos of them side-by-side so you can see the size difference:





The difference is actually quite significant! 




The thickness is very different too – the binder is several times bigger! Obviously quite how much bigger would depend on whether you had a compact/slimline/standard binder and how stuffed it was, but I think a Flex is always going to be slimmer than a binder.

This is what it looks like open compared to a binder:


Apologies for how dark the photo is. Hopefully you can see just how much bigger the binder is! The ring mechanism obviously takes up a lot of room.


Overall, I think the slim Flex is the one for you if you’re looking for something slim to pop in your pocket or slip into your bag. But I personally feel the Filofax binders have more charm, and appeal, and there’s just something about a stuffed, loved binder that a Flex can’t replace.

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My Week #4

I’m only going to post my week in my A5 this time, because the Pocket looks very bare! I’ve just moved to a Pocket Mode in mint/pink, but that’s a story for another day…


I think it looks quite nice and full this week! I went out on a lot of bike rides this week as I’m on a bit of a fitness kick. I cycled on Thursday and Saturday too, but it’s just not written in.

As you can see, I’m off to see the new Thor film tonight. I’m looking forward to it!

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Doctor Who 50th anniversary special!

Words cannot express how excited I am for this!! I’m counting down the hours until it’s on and I will be glued to the TV tonight.

I may only be 22, but I have been brought up watching classic episodes of Doctor Who, and I was over the moon when it came back in 2005. I feel like I am one of the only people of my generation who really knows and loves the classic series, and I’ve been waiting for this anniversary special for pretty much my entire life!

I just finished watching “An Adventure in Space and Time”, which I think every Doctor Who fan should watch. It is a truly moving dramatised account of how the show came to be, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have to admit that normally most “modern” things are nowhere near as good as their predecessors (excluding Doctor Who of course!), but I do feel this 90-minute dramatisation really did do the story justice.

I’m sure I will end up posting a review of Day of the Doctor later!

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My Week #3

This week I’m going to show you my week in both my Pocket Metropol and my A5 from Paperchase.



Apologies for the camera quality!

I bought an A5 academic diary and cut/punched each page to put it inside the organiser. That’s part of the appeal of the A5 to me – the ability to buy notepads/pretty cards/paper and just be able to punch them to fit! The other pro for me was the increased size – not that I’ve used it to its full potential.

I hope you enjoy!

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Making a pen-holder for a Personal Filofax: a tutorial

You may remember that a while back, I said I was going to show you how I made my pen-holder for my Personal Filofax. It’s actually really, really easy!

1. Buy a Filofax Flex A5 pen-holder insert.

2. Take a page from your Personal Filofax and place it so the elasticated loop lines up with the edge of the paper.

3. Draw around the paper. Don’t forget the holes!


It should look something like this.

4. Cut out around the lines you drew.

5. Use a hole punch to punch in the holes.

6. Voilà! 


Didn’t I say it was easy?


The Metropol still lives

I promised I would update you on the pocket Metropol!

I’m sure you can guess from the title how my transfer to the Metropol went. I’m loving it! I thought I would miss the bigger pages of the personal Springboard, but I’m really not. I love the fact it’s so small and fits nicely in my handbag, and I’m not missing the space in the Springboard.

I’m using an A5 organiser as a stay-at-home organiser, and just writing the things I need all the time (like appointments) in my pocket diary. This system’s working really nicely!

I’ll post photos later!

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Wish me luck…

…I’m going to start my keep fit regime today!

I’m fed up of having wobbly thighs and stomach, so I’m going to start going swimming 3 times a week. I’ve also enquired about a running club that starts in January, so I will be going to that too. I’m gonna be sexy by next summer! That’s the aim anyway.

Tonight is my first swimming session. I haven’t been swimming in ages, so I’m quite nervous about it. I’m aiming to swim for an hour, but we’ll see how much I can manage…

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My Week #2

I’m in my Personal Metropol in kingfisher blue this week. I’m loving the smaller size! What I’m not loving so much is the unruled days…


Apologies for the fact it isn’t very pretty – I need to look at some other blogs for inspiration!

I bought a Santoro pocket-sized diary for next year. I’m hopefully going to punch holes in the pages and use it in my Filofax next year, but if that’s not going to work I will keep it bound in there, slipped into the front pocket. Possibly. Decisions…

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