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Filofax drama!

on November 2, 2013

So I had an eventful day Filofax shopping a couple of weeks ago!

I did have a personal Saffiano in purple on order from Amazon. However, I went into Paperchase to have another look at it in the flesh (it wasn’t due to arrive until the 5th of November!) 

When I went in there I discovered that Paperchase have 20% off all Filofaxes in store at the moment* which made it cheaper than the one I’d ordered! The cheapest I could find on Amazon was £24.89 but the 20% off brought the in-store price down to £23.20. I cancelled my order on Amazon and bought the Saffiano from Paperchase.

I got home from the city centre and found that the Saffiano was far too small for all of my inserts! I didn’t realise quite how much I wanted in there until I tried to put my existing diary in there. I tried to make myself happy with the limited space but I knew deep down that I wasn’t happy with the size, so I got my bike back out and went back to the city to exchange it. 

So I went back to Paperchase and spent a long time choosing between two Filofaxes that were both beautiful! After a lot of umm-ing and ahh-ing (and a chat with a member of staff who understood my love of Filofax) I came to the conclusion that I wanted the “Springboard” Filofax. I very rarely see it mentioned online, so here is a picture of her I found:

She is a thing of beauty :love: I’ve stuffed her full of all my things! I put a makeshift pen-holder I made out of an A5 Flex pen holder in there too, so she can hold two pens now. I recently bought a Parker fountain/ballpoint set for £6.50 on Amazon which I have added to the Filofax.

When I get a chance I will upload some photos!


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