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Reviewed: my new Radley purse

on November 5, 2013

I treated myself to a Radley purse the other day. I’ve wanted one for years, and I decided enough was enough and I had to have one. I know this is a stationery blog, but I can make an exception, can’t I?

So I made the decision to finally get myself one. As it turned out, John Lewis actually had an offer on – 30% off all Radley items! It was obviously meant to be.

I bought this one:



The range is called “Snowed Under” which I thought was very apt for winter! The purse originally cost £49.00 but the offer brought the price down to £34.30. Bargain!

It feels just as much of a high quality as you’d expect from Radley. There are no loose ends or frayed stitching, and it has a very cute motif on the front!


It’s quite compact, which is good because I’ve been looking to scale down on what I carry around with me. I did consider using a Slim Flex instead of my Personal Filofax, but that’s another story.



The card section has a flap, as you can see. I LOVE this feature! I’ve always got too many cards, vouchers and little bits of paper in my purse. The cards are a tad difficult to get in the slots, but that might be because it’s brand new. I’m sure it will wear in over time.

There’s normally a photo of my boyfriend in that clear slot but I took his photo out as I don’t think he’d appreciate his photo on here!


Lastly, the coin section. It’s quite deep, but still easily accessible. I don’t think it will bulk out too much if you have large amounts of change on you – not that I carry a lot of money, mind!

It’s a lovely purse from a great brand – there are certainly no complaints from me!


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