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Indecisiveness is my middle name

on November 28, 2013

I’m really, really indecisive. Honestly. If my bank balance allowed it, I would be using a new handbag every fortnight and treating myself to a new Filofax every week. I just can’t decide on one thing, and I like to experiment with all the alternatives.

Until now.

I’ve swapped and changed Filofaxes more times than I can count this month. I bought a new Pocket Mode (which I will show you in another post), I bought a Santoro diary to slip inside the pocket because I find Filofax diary inserts far too plain, I toyed with the idea of buying an A5 Adelphi for £16.99 in TK Maxx (which I regret not getting and will be correcting this at the weekend)… I’ve been searching and searching for my ideal setup and I finally think I might have found it:

I’m back in the Springboard.

Now the guilt of not using my Pocket Metropol will always hang over me, as it was a Christmas present from my partner’s gran. The trouble is, I do find it far too small for proper day-to-day use. I’m currently using it as a finance organiser, to log my outgoings and keep track of my bank balance. I bought a Pocket Mode on an impulse because I love the colours – pink and mint green! It’s simply beautiful – and whilst I am in love with the Mode and the fact it lies flat straight away (the holy grail of Filofax ownership), the size is still an issue. I’ll have to find a use for it because I can’t bear to be away from it.

So at the moment I’m back in my beloved Springboard. I’m in love with the colour contrast – fuchsia and green! – and the personal size is just the right compromise between space to write and portability. Plus it’s a lot easier to find diary inserts which are lined, which is a huge must for me. I definitely think the Springboard will be my long-term portable planner.

I’m also using an A5 planner from Paperchase. I absolutely love the design, and the A5 size is just amazing – space to write! Record ALL the things! It’s also a lot easier to buy beautiful notebook paper and punch holes in it, as A5 is a standard size. The A5 isn’t exactly portable though, so it stays at home. I use it to satisfy my need to decorate pages with stickers and highlighting, to store the stickers I buy, and to write things like my partner’s work shifts and appointments, on top of my own shifts and appointments. It’s basically a stay-at-home planner for both my partner and I to refer to (not that he ever looks at it, but the thought’s there) and I do make a lot of notes in the back. It contains general information like what the excess is on our home insurance and other boring, adult facts.

So now I’ve found my own set-up that works for me, perhaps I can stop buying new stationery and lusting over Filofaxes I don’t need!

Who am I kidding?


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