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Green, my favourite colour

on November 30, 2013

I was searching in TK Maxx yesterday for the cheap A5 Adelphi I’d seen in there last week (alas, it was gone!) when I found this little beauty:


A green notebook! I love green. As the title states, it’s my favourite colour. The vibrancy of the notebook doesn’t really come out in the photos but it’s really, really bright!


It has a purely green first page, and then this quote on the second page. After that come the note pages, each with a green-related quote:



Excuse the hands holding the book open – I hate my hands and I tried to keep them out of the photos as much as possible!

Even the edges of the pages are green:


Best of all, this beautiful book only cost me £2!



The obligatory pen test:



Excuse my scruffy handwriting! There’s a slight bit of bleed-through from the fountain pen, but it’s not too bad – I’ll probably stick to using my trusty Frixion in it though! I’ve come to the conclusion that purple and green is my favourite colour combination, which must be why the Springboard appealed to me so much in the first place!

Now unfortunately, it does have a mark on the back:


Try as I might, I can’t stop myself from being annoyed by it! The notebook is also quite dirty but as it’s made from a plasticky faux leather, it should wipe clean, so that isn’t so much of an issue.

When I bought this, the original plan for it was to chop it up and punch holes so it could go in my Personal Springboard – it matches the colour scheme perfectly – but I think it’s far too beautiful for that! The pages are slightly bigger than Personal pages too – they’re about 5mm bigger at the top and bottom and 1cm bigger at the side, so they’d stick out:


I’m just going to keep it as a notebook in my bag, I think. I don’t carry notebooks as a rule (that’s what my Springboard is for!) but this one is far too pretty to leave at home!


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