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My Week #8

My apologies for the delay in posting this – I have been ever so busy!





I had a fairly quiet week until Sunday – I will write another post about it in due course, but I spent the day volunteering as an elf at a locally set up Santa’s grotto, made entirely though voluntary work and donations. It was one of the most rewarding, fantastic things I have ever done. Click here for more information: – the person in the elf outfit is me! I’m not particularly photogenic, but oh well.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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My Week #7

I’ve actually had quite a good week. I went out for my staff Christmas meal at work last night, which was a lot of fun. I had 3 glasses of wine (which I don’t normally drink!) and didn’t wake up this morning with a hangover, which for me is a success!

You may have noticed that I’m in a new binder this week – I bought the Filofax Hearts that I mentioned in my last post. I love it! I absolutely love the yellow/purple contrast, and the elastic band closure is just perfect. It slips into my handbag so nicely now! I will post a review of it in due course.

Anyway, my photos:





I’m still in the day-per-page format. I bought a day-per-page 2014 diary the other day (very expensive I thought! £13.50!) so I’ll continue with the format next year. It just works so well for me – I like having room to write things in on each page instead of cramming them into the little boxes that week-to-view has – and I want to be able to cover each page with post-its! I also love the fact it comes with lines. I also bought a month-per-page to use as an overview diary – so I will carry the year in month-per-page, and then two months in day-per-page. We’ll see how it works! I do have a week-to-view 2014 diary to fall back on if day-per-page just isn’t working out for me…


I can’t decide…

Much as I love my Filofax Springboard, I’ve come to the conclusion that she’s a tad bulky. I mean, look at her:


I’ve been thinking that really I could do with something a bit lighter, and keep her as a stay-at-home planner. I feel ever so guilty about it, but she really is becoming so bulked out… She takes up half of the space in my entire bag! I’ve asked for a bigger one for Christmas, but I still feel she could be slimmed down. I’ve had a look through and I don’t think there’s any paper I could remove without compromising on usability (she’s only carrying a diary up until the end of January!) so the next logical step is to look at a slimmer binder.

I own a Pocket Mode in mint/pink which is absolutely beautiful, and I love the elastic band over the front! It makes for quite a slimline organiser. I mean look at her – she’s packing a whole year’s week-to-view diary plus a day-per-page from today until January in here:



She’s truly lovely, but Personal sized ones are seemingly difficult to come by, and I’m not wanting to convert to Pocket – I tried that a month or so ago, and it didn’t go too well!

I’ve recently spied the Hearts range in my local WH Smith for the very reasonable price of £18.20, and I also have a 20% off voucher to use this month. I’m very, very tempted by it – its elastic closure is similar in slimness to the Mode, and it is rather pretty in the yellow. But I’m not sure if I like it enough to go for it, and I do feel rather guilty about abandoning my Springboard…

Do you have any advice, dear readers? What do you think I should do? There is also the option of just staying with my Springboard, but I just… I don’t know. I need advice.

Please help!

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My Week #6

This week’s My Week is going to be a little different, because I’ve been using some old, undated day-per-page inserts in my Personal, to get me through until January when my diary starts. They’ve worked a treat – so much so, I think I might use them in January too!





They come from an old Ferrari organiser my partner’s mum gave to me, from the days she used to work for Ferrari. I find the ink a little dark but other than that they’re great!

The Harry Potter tour yesterday was absolutely amazing and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone. It was a late birthday present for me – my birthday is in February! – but it was definitely worth the wait! Fantastic! I’d go again, definitely.

Apart from that, my week hasn’t been too exciting. I had a bit of a palaver on Tuesday trying to post some things on behalf of my partner, but apart from that it’s just been the same old… You can see one of the sticky notes I bought yesterday in action on today’s page! I’ve still got more Christmas shopping to do, so I’m off now to get ready to cycle down to Tesco (about an 8-mile round trip, which I can do easily – I’m getting fitter!) to get the last of my presents. I really hope I find what I need, because hat and scarf sets are proving trickier to find than I anticipated…

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I love shopping for goodies!

I went out yesterday to do some Christmas shopping and accidentally got myself some goodies too. Oops…

I got some inserts for my Springboard:



I got the vertical planner even though my Filofax already has one, because my other one is a little bit of a mess and, well… I don’t like anything being less than neat and perfect so I had to get one! I preferred my old one, but ah well – can’t have everything in life!



The birthday pages are something I’ve wanted for a long time in my A5, but I’ve never found them in that size! I’m also coming to the conclusion I don’t need my A5 as I never look at it, but more on that in another post later…



The stickers are fantastic! I had them in my A5 and they worked a treat! The stickers are semi-transparent too, so you can see what’s underneath them. I usually stick the small ‘dot’ stickers over the dates in my year calendar at the front, sticking to the colour code of the large stickers, and then use the large stickers in my main diary. This system works perfectly for me!

I also got a couple of other bits from Paperchase – I’m sure I must be single-handedly keeping them in business…







These sticky notes are so cute! They’re from the “Foxtrot” range, which is the same range my Filofax dividers come from, so they’re absolutely perfect for my Springboard!





This cute purse was actually the most expensive item I bought! At £6 I don’t think it’s too bad though. It’s from their “Woodland” range and it’s lovely! I love the brown bits with the white leafy pattern. Although it’s sold as a purse, I already have my Radley purse so I’m going to be using it to keep my sanitary items discreetly in my bag… The ladies will know what I mean! It’s perfect for this! It is tempting to use it as a purse though because I’m falling out of love with the Radley already…

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“Devastated” doesn’t quite cover it…

…Last week, I was in TK Maxx when I spied a beautiful Personal Holborn Zip in red for £24.99. That’s right, £24.99. An absolute bargain! I spent a lot of time having a look at just how beautiful it was and debating whether or not to get it.

I chose not to get it, because it was close to payday and I thought my partner would kill me if I got it, so I left it behind.

HUGE mistake.

I really wish I’d got it. I’ve been back several times and it’s disappeared! Someone has obviously bought it – which I can’t really blame anyone for – but I now desperately want a Personal Holborn zip. I had a look in WH Smiths and they didn’t have any – they only had the Pennybridge, which isn’t quite the same. I’m aware my mistake of not picking it up will have cost me a lot of money, as Holborn zips are £75-£80 brand new!

I am absolutely gutted, but I’ve learnt a lesson – if I really want something, buy it there and then! It’s a lot easier to refund an unwanted item than to desperately search for something you’ve seen that someone has since bought…

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My Week #5

There’s not a lot to say really – I had a pretty uneventful week! I ticked “start diet” but to be honest I’ve lapsed a bit this weekend – I need to try again tomorrow!


I wasn’t even going to upload it this week, but I thought I should really…

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