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“Devastated” doesn’t quite cover it…

on December 3, 2013

…Last week, I was in TK Maxx when I spied a beautiful Personal Holborn Zip in red for £24.99. That’s right, £24.99. An absolute bargain! I spent a lot of time having a look at just how beautiful it was and debating whether or not to get it.

I chose not to get it, because it was close to payday and I thought my partner would kill me if I got it, so I left it behind.

HUGE mistake.

I really wish I’d got it. I’ve been back several times and it’s disappeared! Someone has obviously bought it – which I can’t really blame anyone for – but I now desperately want a Personal Holborn zip. I had a look in WH Smiths and they didn’t have any – they only had the Pennybridge, which isn’t quite the same. I’m aware my mistake of not picking it up will have cost me a lot of money, as Holborn zips are £75-£80 brand new!

I am absolutely gutted, but I’ve learnt a lesson – if I really want something, buy it there and then! It’s a lot easier to refund an unwanted item than to desperately search for something you’ve seen that someone has since bought…


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