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I love shopping for goodies!

on December 8, 2013

I went out yesterday to do some Christmas shopping and accidentally got myself some goodies too. Oops…

I got some inserts for my Springboard:



I got the vertical planner even though my Filofax already has one, because my other one is a little bit of a mess and, well… I don’t like anything being less than neat and perfect so I had to get one! I preferred my old one, but ah well – can’t have everything in life!



The birthday pages are something I’ve wanted for a long time in my A5, but I’ve never found them in that size! I’m also coming to the conclusion I don’t need my A5 as I never look at it, but more on that in another post later…



The stickers are fantastic! I had them in my A5 and they worked a treat! The stickers are semi-transparent too, so you can see what’s underneath them. I usually stick the small ‘dot’ stickers over the dates in my year calendar at the front, sticking to the colour code of the large stickers, and then use the large stickers in my main diary. This system works perfectly for me!

I also got a couple of other bits from Paperchase – I’m sure I must be single-handedly keeping them in business…







These sticky notes are so cute! They’re from the “Foxtrot” range, which is the same range my Filofax dividers come from, so they’re absolutely perfect for my Springboard!





This cute purse was actually the most expensive item I bought! At ¬£6 I don’t think it’s too bad though. It’s from their “Woodland” range and it’s lovely! I love the brown bits with the white leafy pattern. Although it’s sold as a purse, I already have my Radley purse so I’m going to be using it to keep my sanitary items discreetly in my bag… The ladies will know what I mean! It’s perfect for this! It is tempting to use it as a purse though because I’m falling out of love with the Radley already…


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