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My Week #6

on December 8, 2013

This week’s My Week is going to be a little different, because I’ve been using some old, undated day-per-page inserts in my Personal, to get me through until January when my diary starts. They’ve worked a treat – so much so, I think I might use them in January too!





They come from an old Ferrari organiser my partner’s mum gave to me, from the days she used to work for Ferrari. I find the ink a little dark but other than that they’re great!

The Harry Potter tour yesterday was absolutely amazing and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone. It was a late birthday present for me – my birthday is in February! – but it was definitely worth the wait! Fantastic! I’d go again, definitely.

Apart from that, my week hasn’t been too exciting. I had a bit of a palaver on Tuesday trying to post some things on behalf of my partner, but apart from that it’s just been the same old… You can see one of the sticky notes I bought yesterday in action on today’s page! I’ve still got more Christmas shopping to do, so I’m off now to get ready to cycle down to Tesco (about an 8-mile round trip, which I can do easily – I’m getting fitter!) to get the last of my presents. I really hope I find what I need, because hat and scarf sets are proving trickier to find than I anticipated…


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