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My Week #7

on December 15, 2013

I’ve actually had quite a good week. I went out for my staff Christmas meal at work last night, which was a lot of fun. I had 3 glasses of wine (which I don’t normally drink!) and didn’t wake up this morning with a hangover, which for me is a success!

You may have noticed that I’m in a new binder this week – I bought the Filofax Hearts that I mentioned in my last post. I love it! I absolutely love the yellow/purple contrast, and the elastic band closure is just perfect. It slips into my handbag so nicely now! I will post a review of it in due course.

Anyway, my photos:





I’m still in the day-per-page format. I bought a day-per-page 2014 diary the other day (very expensive I thought! £13.50!) so I’ll continue with the format next year. It just works so well for me – I like having room to write things in on each page instead of cramming them into the little boxes that week-to-view has – and I want to be able to cover each page with post-its! I also love the fact it comes with lines. I also bought a month-per-page to use as an overview diary – so I will carry the year in month-per-page, and then two months in day-per-page. We’ll see how it works! I do have a week-to-view 2014 diary to fall back on if day-per-page just isn’t working out for me…


3 responses to “My Week #7

  1. Cindybin says:

    Every time I read blogs about planners, stationery, etc., I run into people who use alcohol! It just drives me nuts! I have ranted against alcohol for YEARS, writing tons of blogs, thousands of comments, even a BOOK on why we shouldn’t use alcohol. I thought I was so well known online and that I had made a difference in the world! I have explained over and over how alcohol is a drug. Just because it’s legal doesn’t make it right! You wouldn’t smoke pot, would you? Yet grown adults think nothing of using a mind-altering drug in the form of alcohol. A casual booze drinker is no better than a casual pot smoker, except they aren’t breaking the law. They are after the same psychoactive effect, that “buzz” one gets from a mind-altering drug. And that is not good! A grown adult should set an example and not drink! And we will NEVER get the pot smokers to understand why it is wrong and immature to use drugs, as long as people use alcohol. I have chastised pot smokers for YEARS online, trying to help them see why we shouldn’t use drugs, and their number one excuse is “Pot is safer than alcohol.” I tell them over and over that we shouldn’t smoke pot OR drink alcohol! How hard is that? Now all the pot smokers who see your blog will feel further justified in continuing their drug use. Not to mention the health risks of alcohol; studies show that even in low doses, alcohol significantly increases the risk of breast cancer in women, along with liver and rectum cancer. LOW DOSES! I could go on and on about the health risks, and have written SO MUCH about this over the years. But even if alcohol were healthy, just the fact that it’s a mind-altering drug makes it wrong. Remember, if you wouldn’t smoke pot, then you shouldn’t use alcohol, either. A casual booze drinker is no better than a casual pot smoker except they aren’t breaking the law.

    • Never judge says:

      You’re kidding, right? You see it somehow necessary to lecture someone on their own blog? You, Cindybin, whoever you are, need to find another soapbox somewhere else. Your admonishment is 100% uncalled for and pathetic. Get a life.

      • snowyowl91 says:

        Thank you. Cindybin, I’m not sure why you felt it was necessary to have a little rant on my blog, but rest assured I didn’t get too upset about it. This is a blog to discuss my love of Filofaxes and other stationery, not my alcohol habits.

        Happy new year!

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