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FOR SALE: Pocket Mode in Mint/Pink

I’ve got for sale a lovely mint/pink Pocket Mode! I do love it, but I really have no use for it so I’d like it to go to a better home.

I’ve taken quite a few pictures of it, so you can see it fully!

The front, with a pink rubber strap for closure.

The back.


Top and spine view.

It has 4 credit card slots down the left hand side, and then a full-length slip-in pocket on each side.



I have never had any problem with the rings, and as you can see they all line up nicely!

The branding on the inside left cover.

She’s rather lovely, no?

I’m asking for £10 including postage. The Mode doesn’t come with any inserts, but of course I can arrange that and we can negotiate the extra cost if required.

I’m going to leave this until the 28th of February, and then if it hasn’t sold then I will be willing to negotiate a cheaper price via email.

I can be contacted at

Thank you for looking, and if the Mode interests you, please don’t hesitate to contact me!


My Week #13

Well I’ve had a quieter week this week than last! I did my second week of running club, which was excellent – I’m definitely noticing progress! I’ve been unofficially put into the “more able” group at the club, which I’m rather proud of!

Here’s my week:


Fairly empty, no?

We’ve recently had a new stationery shop called “Blott” open up near me, so I had a look today. It’s not bad, although some of it does look rather cheap – I did get this lovely frog charm for £1.50 though, which goes really nicely with the colours of my planner!

I also bought a 4-colour multi pen for use in my Springboard, but I’ll show you that another day!

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Paperchase haul!

I visited my beloved Paperchase yesterday, and of course I left with a few goodies – how could I not? I certainly picked up a good few bargains! They’ve got a good sale on at the moment, and I spent a fair while browsing their sale. This is what I came away with:


(I also got a new WO2P insert for my Personal Springboard, along with notepaper and dividers (that I won’t use), but I’d already set it up in my Filofax by the time I remembered about the photo… Oops!)

Quite good, no? I couldn’t believe the discounts on some of the items they had!

Let me show you individually what I got:


I got these sticky labels in different colours for 50p – what a bargain! I love colour-coding things obsessively, which of course these are perfect for. There’s 7 sheets in the packet, so I should never run out!


I got some cute Christmas stickers too. I’m usually quite good at buying things like this in the sales, ready for next year. This year, I haven’t seen a lot of gift wrap or tags that have caught my eye – but usually, I buy 3 rolls or so for less than £2 (all together) to use the next year! I’ve got some Halloween stickers from last year that I’ll use this Halloween too.


These stickers weren’t in the sale, but they were so cute I just couldn’t resist them. At £2.50 for the pack, they were more expensive than my other sale purchases combined – but aren’t they lovely? There are 6 sheets in the pack, so plenty to keep me going. I can’t wait to start using them in my Filofax! I’m amazed I managed to wait long enough to take this photo!

All these purchases are rather lovely, and I did get some awesome bargains – however, bargain of the day has to go to…


…this little beauty!

This is a refill for Parker ballpoint pens. I’m sure most people who’ve found their way on to a stationery blog will have heard of Parker – they’re a brand of very nice, fairly pricey pens. I got this refill for the bargainous (is that a word?) price of 75p!! Down from £2.75! Now if that isn’t a great deal then I don’t know what is. Unfortunately, this was the only one they had, or I’d have bought the lot!

Overall, I’m rather pleased with my Paperchase haul! What do you think?

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How my Pocket Springboard has rekindled my love for my Personal!

Being in love with the Springboard range, but attempting to live in the Pocket size for portability, I ordered a Pocket Springboard! It seemed like a natural choice, although I still had to do a little bit of self-persuasion before I bought it.

It got delivered to my work place, so I had to wait until I got home and had some spare time to take these photos – and what a wait that was! Here’s me unwrapping my little beauty:


I’ve put a little piece of notepaper over the top of my work address – isn’t it beautiful paper? I got it from Wilkinsons ages ago!




She came in rather a lot of packaging!

I was super-excited to open her up and see how she compared to my Personal Springboard. Isn’t she beautiful? I adore the purple/green colour combination and although she isn’t leather, she is beautifully soft…



She’s a fairly standard size for a Pocket. My Personal is a little bigger than average with 23mm rings, but the Pocket has the standard 19mm.

I eagerly opened her up:





When you open her up, she has a secretarial pocket on the left hand side – the same as her Personal big sister. However, she only has 2 credit card slots, as opposed to 3 – which is understandable when you’re in a smaller planner!

The first few pages contain information on the Springboard charity, as the Personal does, and a little fold-out leaflet with information and contact details. It’s a great charity and I really do think it’s a worthy cause.


She came with a WO2P insert with space for notes at the top left. I’ve never seen these refills in person before, but I have to say I don’t think I’ll have enough room to write in these! I have ‘old-style’ inserts in my Metropol at the moment, which work fine, so I could just put them in here.


The incredibly bright pink 1-6 dividers, just like the Personal…



…and the rather lovely ruler with the alphabet on, which I seem to have lost in Personal!

At the back, she has a slot that’s open both at the top and bottom – you could easily slip a notepad in there. I thought of putting a Pocket Flex jotpad in there, however…

I do love the Springboard, but upon seeing this Pocket in person I did have my reservations. As you might have noticed, I kept comparing it to my Personal! I decided, therefore, to take a few photos of the two together:




The Pocket does look rather cute – particularly the green clasp! However, I always find myself coming back to my Personal Springboard, no matter what other Filofax I try and move in to. This has been no exception…

I’ve found myself missing my Personal immensely again! I’m hopeless!

I haven’t fallen in love with the Pocket, but I am rather fond of it. I’m not sure what to do with it though really. I’m 100% certain now that I am not going to bother moving out of my Personal Springboard, as every attempt always ends in disaster! Like a couple that keep splitting up but were always meant to be, it seems I have found my OTF (One True Filofax) in the Personal Springboard. Perhaps I should just stop allowing my eyes to wander and stay faithful to my wonderful Personal Springboard.

This still leaves the question of what to do with the Pocket. Do I return it? Do I keep it for something? What do you think, dear readers?


My Week #12

My week actually looks rather empty, but believe me, I have been non-stop all week! My running started this week, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I’m doing a “couch to 5K” programme, which aims to get me running 5K in 10 weeks. I’m hoping it works – I really do need to get fit! I also need to work on my diet, but that’s not going so well…


Excuse the awful censoring – I’m posting from an iPhone and I don’t know how to blur our sensitive information!

I’ve got a post about how I organise my finances using my Filofax ready and waiting to be posted – if only I knew how to censor photos on an iPhone without using post-it notes…

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My Week #11

I’ve been on holiday this week – not that we could go to where we wanted to go, because of flood warnings! It wasn’t too bad, because my partner’s family came up to us instead so we still got to see them. I still don’t feel like I used my week off work to its full potential though.


That post-it on the left is all the deliveries I was waiting for this week. I hate it when you’re just waiting for something in the post, and it just never seems to arrive…

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Attempting to decorate a Flex notebook spine…

I tried to decorate the spine of a Flex notebook so it could be identified on a shelf – I love the notebooks because they’re narrow-ruled, which I have a bit of a thing for, and I love the squareness of them (strangely)!

I have an A5 Flex, but I’ve been having a clear-out. I wanted to take the notebook out of the Flex and sell the Flex itself, which is why I wanted the spine decorated.

I used washi tape, because I’ve seen it used on Rhodia notebooks before and I thought it might be a nice idea. I’ve got a purple, spotty roll of tape which I love, so I used that.


It looks rather nice against the grey!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stick very well on the plastic material of the notebook cover. It’s not very easy to see, but it started to come up off the cover by itself:



It lifts slightly by itself, which is a tad annoying. I considered sellotaping it down, but I tried it and it looked absolutely awful.

In the end, I came to the conclusion that I loved the Flex so much I actually wanted to keep him. Of course this negated the need for the washi tape – which wasn’t working anyway – so I took the tape off. He looks rather smart anyway, don’t you think?


I think I’m just going to keep my Flex the way he is!


My move back to Pocket

As you might remember me saying in my last post, I’ve taken the decision to move back into my Pocket Metropol. I was feeling really guilty about not using her daily as she was a present, and I did miss the Pocket size for the portability, so I bought a WO2P insert for her and she was ready to go!


I love contrast stitching, and I think the white on the blue just looks wonderful.



(Ignore the Bella Italia receipt, it’s got a discount coupon on it and I’m thinking of using it on my birthday on 6th February)

As you can see, I’ve gone for a very no-nonsense approach to my diary pages. No stickers, washi tape or bright colours! We’ll see how long it lasts.

Now somehow, I’ve managed to make my Metropol lie almost flat! I’ve never heard of a Metropol lying flat before, but here she is:



The front isn’t quite so flat, but the back lies pretty flat! I’m quite proud of that from a Metropol!

She’s certainly slimmer than my old Personal:



The pen was a good buy too – I got it from John Lewis for £9, purely on the basis that it’s the exact same colour as my Metropol. They match perfectly! I love it! I do love my Frixion Point pens too though, so I’ve ordered a Pocket Flex Pen Holder to hole punch and put in.

I also ordered a MO2P for my Pocket. I’m quite excited to get my Pocket set up for use, but I have a confession…

I miss my Personal!

I’ve also ordered a WO2P for the Personal, and I’m going to keep them both running for now. I know that sounds like a waste of time but I want to see which one I prefer using. I really want the Pocket to work, but I’m already missing my Personal Springboard and I only moved out of her yesterday…

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My Week #10… Or not!

I have no “my week” to post this week because I am in-between switching from a Personal to Pocket Filofax. I realised that I was only writing one line a day on my day-per-page Personal inserts! It was completely unnecessary and the Personal was taking up so much room in my bag.

Following on from my “large Filofax collection” post, I decided I missed my Metropol so much I would just have to move in. I’m going to cut down my lovely Paperchase Foxtrot inserts so they fit in, and I will show you all when it’s done!

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So, I bought a Filofax Compact Pennybridge in Raspberry…

I’ve been lusting after a Personal Holborn Zip in Wine for a very long time now – they’re proving to be pretty elusive! So after some hunting around, I came to the conclusion that the Pennybridge was the next best thing. I knew it was a compact, but I thought that would be fine.

I was in WH Smith’s today, and they only had one in there. Having learnt my lesson about not buying something and regretting it later, I decided to buy it (after establishing my other local Filofax retailers didn’t have any in stock). I got it home, excitedly opened it up to move into, and…

It’s too small!

She is rather lovely on the outside – I love the colour, and she feels really nice in my hands. The zip feels strong enough to hold her together nicely, and feels of a good quality.


Here she is, looking gorgeous on the outside..


…and she has a gorgeous purse section too!

However, the rings are absolutely tiny. Perhaps I’d just been deluding myself on quite how small they are – but when compared with my Springboard…




You can really see the difference in ring size. I tried to move in but I found the rings far too small! I barely got in a week’s worth of day-per-page diary in on top of all the other pages I need, and lovely though she looks – she’s just not practical. A shame, because I got her for the bargain price of £28 – but unfortunately, back to the shop she goes!

She does look lovely though…


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