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My rather large Filofax collection!

on January 3, 2014

One of my new year’s resolutions is to put a lot more time and effort into my blog. I’ve been meaning to do this post for a long time – the pictures were taken three weeks ago – but I just haven’t got around to it until today!

Here is my large collection of Filofaxes and binders:



Quite a few, wouldn’t you agree? In order, I have:

– A5 Paperchase binder in floral design
– A5 Filofax Flex in Grey
– Personal Filofax Springboard in Fuchsia/Green
– Personal Paperchase binder, clear, from their “Foxtrot” range
– Personal binder from Ferrari in Red (of course!)
– Personal Filofax Hearts in Yellow
– Slim Filofax Flex in Magenta
– Pocket Paperchase binder in Pink with embossed bird print
– Pocket Filofax Mode in Mint/Pink
– Pocket Filofax Metropol in Kingfisher Blue

So many there! I’m having a bit of a clear out so I think I’ll get rid of a few.


The A5 binder and Flex together. I actually think they look quite smart next to each other like that, but I don’t ever use them together. It hadn’t even occurred to me until this photo!

The binder is one I bought from Paperchase a couple of months ago. You may recognise it from my early My Week posts! I got it because I wanted a “home planner” to put things in such as appointments for both my partner and I, bill payments, long-term notes (like home insurance information) and other assorted things that didn’t need to be carried around daily. I also bought an A5 diary and punched it so it would go in, but unfortunately it’s fallen out of use, so clearly it’s not working for me. I love the binder, so I’ll have to work on making it work for me…

The Flex was an absolute bargain – I bought it for £7 in TK Maxx, brand new with all the inserts, when it retails for £27 in WH Smith (my only local Flex retailer)! I wasn’t too fond of the jot pad and soon got rid of it, but I love the slim, narrow-ruled notebook – I have a thing for narrow-ruled paper! I use it to write notes when I make important calls (like calling the water company, or the bank, or things like that). No personal data, just things like “called 03/01/14 at 5:15pm, was told that…” – things I can refer to later on if the company decides to change their mind, or if I forget what was said in a call (which can happen!). My Flex is perfect for this and I love it.


My Personal binders. The Springboard is the binder I currently reside in, although I am having second thoughts about it. Lovely and beautiful though it is, my heart is currently straying back to my one true Filofax love, which I will mention later… As a Personal binder, it does the job very nicely. It looks smart, it’s in a pretty colour, and my inserts are all in a purple colour scheme, so they match it very well!

The Paperchase “Foxtrot” binder was bought purely for the lovely aforementioned purple inserts, which now live in my Springboard. It makes an absolutely lovely-looking notebook, wouldn’t you agree? I really like the white notepaper against the fox on the cover. I was going to get rid of it, but on second thoughts I don’t think I will!

The red binder is one my partner’s mother gifted to me. Apparently she was given it when she used to be involved with work for Ferrari – which would make sense! It has no Ferrari branding on it, but it is lovely. It came with its own inserts – which is where I got my undated day-per-page inserts for December – including some lovely “Project” pages, which I will show you at another time. I like this binder, but the flap on the front makes it far too bulky for everyday usage. I tried it before – it took up most of the space in each of my handbags!

The Hearts was a recent purchase. I got it because I wanted something slimmer than the Springboard. I absolutely LOVE the inside, with the lovely purple interior and no-nonsense pockets, but I’m not sold on the heart pattern on the front. Sometimes I love it, but other days I yearn for something a little more professional-looking!


My Paperchase binder on the top left was my first ever organiser. I loved it to pieces. I was captured by the beautiful bird pattern on the front, and it was my “gateway binder” into the world of Filofax. I will never let go of my baby! It currently holds all my old week-to-view diary pages from October 2012 to November 2013 (I’ve had it for longer than that, but I used to throw my old pages away!)

My Pocket Metropol is the “one true Filofax love” I mentioned earlier. Isn’t her colour just beautiful? I know most people aren’t enamoured with the Metropol range, but she has a huge sentimental value to me. She was my first “proper” Filofax and she was a Christmas present from my partner’s gran in 2012 (my partner’s family are so wonderful to me!) I still toy with the idea of going back to her now. I miss her dearly. Currently I use her as a finance planner – more details in another post…

The Mode was a complete impulse purchase because I loved the colour. Nothing more, nothing less. I do like it, and I quite like the pink rubber closure, but I’m not overly attached to it. I’ll be a bit sad to see it go, but I’m getting rid of it because to be quite honest, it’s sitting there doing nothing, taking up space and it’s not one of my favourites.

The Flex was a mistake purchase. It’s as simple as that. I bought it on a whim for £10, thinking I’d like the size of it. Whilst it’s true that the size is nice, I have absolutely no use for it and neither does my partner – pink may be his favourite colour, but sadly I couldn’t convince him to use the Flex as his work diary! This is also being sold, and I don’t think I’ll miss it one jot.

So, there you have it – my rather large collection of Filofaxes and binders! Even I was shocked to see how many I had – I knew I had a lot, but not quite to this extent! It’s rather ridiculous how much my collection has grown…


5 responses to “My rather large Filofax collection!

  1. Kim Wheeler says:

    That is a lot of binders!!!

    I think this is a big trap you can fall in to with diaries and organisers – they all look so lovely, and have so much potential, that you end up always wanting something else. I have made a real effort this year to stop and appreciate the diary I already have (an awesome one from TheMagicNotebook… I nearly tried filofax!).

    It looks like you’ve done a really good job though with figuring out different practical and real uses for different binders… finance planner, phone notebook etc. I look forward to the post on the finance planner 🙂

    Interesting blog


    • snowyowl91 says:

      Thank you!

      I have thought very hard on what I can use my organisers for – and I have found uses for some of them – but even so, I still have more binders than I can think of uses for!

      I’m trying to whittle it down to my favourites and sell the rest, but it isn’t easy…

  2. Linda says:

    Omg! If you’re selling the MODE, I would LOVE to purchase it. I’ve been looking for that one (that color) for a long time!!!

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