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So, I bought a Filofax Compact Pennybridge in Raspberry…

on January 4, 2014

I’ve been lusting after a Personal Holborn Zip in Wine for a very long time now – they’re proving to be pretty elusive! So after some hunting around, I came to the conclusion that the Pennybridge was the next best thing. I knew it was a compact, but I thought that would be fine.

I was in WH Smith’s today, and they only had one in there. Having learnt my lesson about not buying something and regretting it later, I decided to buy it (after establishing my other local Filofax retailers didn’t have any in stock). I got it home, excitedly opened it up to move into, and…

It’s too small!

She is rather lovely on the outside – I love the colour, and she feels really nice in my hands. The zip feels strong enough to hold her together nicely, and feels of a good quality.


Here she is, looking gorgeous on the outside..


…and she has a gorgeous purse section too!

However, the rings are absolutely tiny. Perhaps I’d just been deluding myself on quite how small they are – but when compared with my Springboard…




You can really see the difference in ring size. I tried to move in but I found the rings far too small! I barely got in a week’s worth of day-per-page diary in on top of all the other pages I need, and lovely though she looks – she’s just not practical. A shame, because I got her for the bargain price of £28 – but unfortunately, back to the shop she goes!

She does look lovely though…



One response to “So, I bought a Filofax Compact Pennybridge in Raspberry…

  1. Darlene says:

    Very pretty. It looks like it could be used as a wallet.

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