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My move back to Pocket

on January 6, 2014

As you might remember me saying in my last post, I’ve taken the decision to move back into my Pocket Metropol. I was feeling really guilty about not using her daily as she was a present, and I did miss the Pocket size for the portability, so I bought a WO2P insert for her and she was ready to go!


I love contrast stitching, and I think the white on the blue just looks wonderful.



(Ignore the Bella Italia receipt, it’s got a discount coupon on it and I’m thinking of using it on my birthday on 6th February)

As you can see, I’ve gone for a very no-nonsense approach to my diary pages. No stickers, washi tape or bright colours! We’ll see how long it lasts.

Now somehow, I’ve managed to make my Metropol lie almost flat! I’ve never heard of a Metropol lying flat before, but here she is:



The front isn’t quite so flat, but the back lies pretty flat! I’m quite proud of that from a Metropol!

She’s certainly slimmer than my old Personal:



The pen was a good buy too – I got it from John Lewis for £9, purely on the basis that it’s the exact same colour as my Metropol. They match perfectly! I love it! I do love my Frixion Point pens too though, so I’ve ordered a Pocket Flex Pen Holder to hole punch and put in.

I also ordered a MO2P for my Pocket. I’m quite excited to get my Pocket set up for use, but I have a confession…

I miss my Personal!

I’ve also ordered a WO2P for the Personal, and I’m going to keep them both running for now. I know that sounds like a waste of time but I want to see which one I prefer using. I really want the Pocket to work, but I’m already missing my Personal Springboard and I only moved out of her yesterday…


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