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How my Pocket Springboard has rekindled my love for my Personal!

on January 24, 2014

Being in love with the Springboard range, but attempting to live in the Pocket size for portability, I ordered a Pocket Springboard! It seemed like a natural choice, although I still had to do a little bit of self-persuasion before I bought it.

It got delivered to my work place, so I had to wait until I got home and had some spare time to take these photos – and what a wait that was! Here’s me unwrapping my little beauty:


I’ve put a little piece of notepaper over the top of my work address – isn’t it beautiful paper? I got it from Wilkinsons ages ago!




She came in rather a lot of packaging!

I was super-excited to open her up and see how she compared to my Personal Springboard. Isn’t she beautiful? I adore the purple/green colour combination and although she isn’t leather, she is beautifully soft…



She’s a fairly standard size for a Pocket. My Personal is a little bigger than average with 23mm rings, but the Pocket has the standard 19mm.

I eagerly opened her up:





When you open her up, she has a secretarial pocket on the left hand side – the same as her Personal big sister. However, she only has 2 credit card slots, as opposed to 3 – which is understandable when you’re in a smaller planner!

The first few pages contain information on the Springboard charity, as the Personal does, and a little fold-out leaflet with information and contact details. It’s a great charity and I really do think it’s a worthy cause.


She came with a WO2P insert with space for notes at the top left. I’ve never seen these refills in person before, but I have to say I don’t think I’ll have enough room to write in these! I have ‘old-style’ inserts in my Metropol at the moment, which work fine, so I could just put them in here.


The incredibly bright pink 1-6 dividers, just like the Personal…



…and the rather lovely ruler with the alphabet on, which I seem to have lost in Personal!

At the back, she has a slot that’s open both at the top and bottom – you could easily slip a notepad in there. I thought of putting a Pocket Flex jotpad in there, however…

I do love the Springboard, but upon seeing this Pocket in person I did have my reservations. As you might have noticed, I kept comparing it to my Personal! I decided, therefore, to take a few photos of the two together:




The Pocket does look rather cute – particularly the green clasp! However, I always find myself coming back to my Personal Springboard, no matter what other Filofax I try and move in to. This has been no exception…

I’ve found myself missing my Personal immensely again! I’m hopeless!

I haven’t fallen in love with the Pocket, but I am rather fond of it. I’m not sure what to do with it though really. I’m 100% certain now that I am not going to bother moving out of my Personal Springboard, as every attempt always ends in disaster! Like a couple that keep splitting up but were always meant to be, it seems I have found my OTF (One True Filofax) in the Personal Springboard. Perhaps I should just stop allowing my eyes to wander and stay faithful to my wonderful Personal Springboard.

This still leaves the question of what to do with the Pocket. Do I return it? Do I keep it for something? What do you think, dear readers?


2 responses to “How my Pocket Springboard has rekindled my love for my Personal!

  1. Jane says:

    I use my pocket as an on the go address book/ notebook in my handbag. I keep stamps in there and a few mini post its.Works well, as it means if I see a card when I am out…. say a cute one for the Godchildren, I can address and post it there and then…. DONE!!! Also, I have a back up for if the’phone can’t connect…. or if I lose the address stash on it. I use another pocket as a recipe card binder… I use small ruled postcard sized “file cards” xxxx

  2. Donna says:

    I use my pocket Metropol for passwords and login information for websites. I just use the A-Z tabs and although I’m using the standard address pages just now, I may go to plain or lined paper when I need to buy refills. x

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