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Paperchase haul!

on January 26, 2014

I visited my beloved Paperchase yesterday, and of course I left with a few goodies – how could I not? I certainly picked up a good few bargains! They’ve got a good sale on at the moment, and I spent a fair while browsing their sale. This is what I came away with:


(I also got a new WO2P insert for my Personal Springboard, along with notepaper and dividers (that I won’t use), but I’d already set it up in my Filofax by the time I remembered about the photo… Oops!)

Quite good, no? I couldn’t believe the discounts on some of the items they had!

Let me show you individually what I got:


I got these sticky labels in different colours for 50p – what a bargain! I love colour-coding things obsessively, which of course these are perfect for. There’s 7 sheets in the packet, so I should never run out!


I got some cute Christmas stickers too. I’m usually quite good at buying things like this in the sales, ready for next year. This year, I haven’t seen a lot of gift wrap or tags that have caught my eye – but usually, I buy 3 rolls or so for less than £2 (all together) to use the next year! I’ve got some Halloween stickers from last year that I’ll use this Halloween too.


These stickers weren’t in the sale, but they were so cute I just couldn’t resist them. At £2.50 for the pack, they were more expensive than my other sale purchases combined – but aren’t they lovely? There are 6 sheets in the pack, so plenty to keep me going. I can’t wait to start using them in my Filofax! I’m amazed I managed to wait long enough to take this photo!

All these purchases are rather lovely, and I did get some awesome bargains – however, bargain of the day has to go to…


…this little beauty!

This is a refill for Parker ballpoint pens. I’m sure most people who’ve found their way on to a stationery blog will have heard of Parker – they’re a brand of very nice, fairly pricey pens. I got this refill for the bargainous (is that a word?) price of 75p!! Down from £2.75! Now if that isn’t a great deal then I don’t know what is. Unfortunately, this was the only one they had, or I’d have bought the lot!

Overall, I’m rather pleased with my Paperchase haul! What do you think?


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