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My Week #15 and #16

I am going to take this opportunity to apologise for the small, unplanned hiatus. I have been incredibly busy with work, and I’ve also been ill with tonsillitis! I’m better now, thankfully. Tonsillitis is horrible!

Here’s my first week:


It was my birthday on Thursday 6th! I’ve reached the grand old age of 23. I had a lovely, busy day – I don’t think I stopped until 9pm!

My second week:


I had a fairly quiet week this week. I was sent home ill on Monday because of the tonsillitis – I couldn’t actually talk! The children at work found it rather funny, but my throat was really hurting!

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My Week #14

I don’t think my week has been overly exciting. My running is going really well though! I’m enjoying it so much more than I ever thought I would!


Excuse the little bits of paper covering personal information!

I’ve made good use of my star stickers this week – they’re absolutely beautiful, they’re from my favourite shop Paperchase, and best of all they’re only £1 a sheet!

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