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Quick update on my Flex/Springboard experiment

I’ve been using the A5 Flex and Personal Springboard together for quite a while now. So, how has that gone?

Well, I’ve been loving the extra space in my Flex. My Personal diary looks so cramped in comparison:




The Flex is hardly any bigger than the Springboard either – it doesn’t really take up any more space in my bag. In fact, it’s a bit of a space-saver!



I’ve stored my spare stickers behind my diary in the Flex, and it works really well:



So I’m nicely set up in the Flex! So, has it solved my problem?

…Well, not really. Instead of having one “favourite” Filofax, I now have two. The Flex works nicely, and the space is wonderful, but the Springboard is so pretty! I mean, look at this:


Isn’t that beautiful! I’d also miss the lack of rings in my Flex. I haven’t actually needed them in my Flex these last couple of weeks, whereas I have used the rings in my Springboard. The space in my Springboard isn’t a problem in any other way except the diary – so perhaps I need to look at the way I log things in my diary, rather than upsizing?

Argh! Decisions, decisions… what should I do?

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May Death Never Stop You.

I’m taking a slight step away from stationery for a moment, to share with you a fact that fills me with both pride and embarrassment simultaneously:

I am a HUGE HUGE MCR fan.

There. I said it. MCRmy soldier for life. I love them dearly with all my heart, but unfortunately there will always be that person that tells me I’m an emo and takes the piss. I’m a huge fan of rock in general, but it seems like my love for MCR destroys any credibility I might have in the rock world.

Not that I care.

Anyway, I pre-ordered this a while back, and it arrived early this morning – a day early!




I know! It defied the “no post on Sundays” rule and came this morning. Of course I’m overjoyed! I’m listening to it as I write this.

It’s also a moment tinged with sadness for me though, because it marks the end of an era. MCR were my formative years. The years that shaped me as a person today, as I made the transition from a teenager to an adult, dealing with all the depression and self-loathing that has come with it… Those were the years of 2007-2013, from the age of 16-22. MCR were there for the whole thing. I got into them when I picked up The Black Parade in a sale in HMV, and I’ve never looked back since. I owe them so much.

May Death Never Stop You, then, symbolises the moment I become an adult. At the age of 23, I can finally say I feel like a fully grown, responsible adult. I made it through the toughest years, and I have MCR to thank for that.

(The black Velcro ‘sleeve’ that came with my CD also makes an absolutely awesome closure for the Clipbook – so much so it’s replaced my Springboard as my favourite!)



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Filofax idea #1

I was recently looking through all of my books I own, when I found an old, abandoned crossword book. I thought to myself that I should probably start doing more puzzles like this to keep my mind active… and then I had a brain wave.

I got the book and my Personal 6-hole punch:


I took a crossword out of my book, like so:


And then I punched it, and…



Voila! Punched to fit my Personal Springboard!

It fits wonderfully in the back of my Springboard, so I can take it with me wherever I go!



NEW PRODUCT: the Filofax A5 Clipbook

I paid a visit to my local WH Smiths yesterday, looking for a MO2P diary I could put in my Flex. I didn’t find one, but what I DID find intrigued me more. It was a new offering from Filofax. Of course I had to get it – what sort of stationery addict would I be otherwise?

I found a product I’d never seen before, called a Filofax Clipbook. It’s A5 size, and comes in three colours – blue, black, and apparently white according to the shop’s ticket – although I only saw the blue and the black. At £18, it isn’t overly expensive.


As you can see, the rings go through the cover, which is a soft floppy leather. It smells divine! The Clipbook is protected by a removable plastic cover, which could be used as a closure for the book if you wanted.




The Clipbook has a very slim profile compared to regular A5 Filofaxes – it’s rather akin to the Flex. The cover doesn’t extend out further than the pages, which helps reduce bulkiness but does mean that any tabs or pen holders you might add will stick out of the side:




Without them, it’s perfectly slim though:


There are no pockets or card slots on either of the covers, although if you really needed those you could always get some A5 pocket/card holder inserts. The Clipbook does, however, come with a variety of paper inserts, all undated – which is handy! After a ‘dash’ page which bears the Clipbook logo, it has sheets of lined, grid and plain paper:





It carries an undated fold-out year planner, 6 undated fold-out month planners (double-sided), and 13 undated double-sided week planners:







At the back, it carries some to-do sheets:


The colour is described as “petrol blue”, but I don’t think that does it justice. It’s a beautiful shade of blue! It’s come up quite true to life in the photos:



The back cover features the Clipbook logo embossed at the bottom, in the middle:


The Clipbook looks quite good, although I’m not completely sold on it yet. It’s a new concept though, so perhaps it will grow on me! One of my concerns is that to open the rings, you have to pull the covers away from each other. I thought pulling on the rings lead to damage – but apparently not, if Filofax have integrated it into the design of their new product! The fact that tabs, pen holders and today markers would stick out of it also puts me off, but if you were to use it just as a notebook then I suppose you wouldn’t need these.

I’ll use it for a while and then report back with my verdict, but for now I’m not fully decided. I’m already attached enough that I don’t want to take it back for a refund…


An organisation revelation.

I am having a bit of an organisation revelation. I knew something was bugging me about my Filofax, the beautiful Personal Springboard. I’ve had a good old think, looked at my Filofax collection, and come to the following conclusions:

(1) I want something A5-sized.
(2) I don’t want to be carrying around bulk.
(3) The only sections of my Filofax that I use are my MO2P diary, my WO2P diary, and my notes section.

From there, then, it seems my choice is clear:

Move into my A5 Flex!

I’ve ordered a Flex 2014 Diary from Amazon, which will hopefully arrive soon. I’m going to use the system for a week or so and see how it works for me. The Flex I have is grey, but if it works well for me then I might treat myself to a beautiful pink one.

I’ll be sad to see the Springboard leave my bag, but if the Flex works better for me, then… I’m sure the Springboard will make a wonderful Spanish vocabulary book!

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I’m a bit late to the InkJoy party… But I’ve arrived!

I recently ordered a DVD for my partner on Amazon, and came across a pack of 10 InkJoy pens for only £1.56! I’ve heard so much about these pens, but never actually had a chance to try them. Of course I had to get them!

Here they are:



Aren’t they lovely? I hadn’t realised until I received them that they have triangular-shaped barrels, but they are lovely to hold.

I went for a nice long walk in the beautiful sunshine yesterday, and after a couple of hours my Filofax, the InkJoys and I stopped to enjoy a few moments together:



My apologies for the shadows – as I said, it was beautifully sunny yesterday, but unfortunately because of that the only place left to sit was a spot with the sun behind me!

I sat and wrote in my Springboard with my InkJoys, and I have to say, they truly were a delight to write with. The ink flows beautifully smoothly, and they’re wonderfully comfy to hold – I’m right-handed, so I can’t vouch for a lefty, but I hold my pens in an unusual way and they suited me perfectly! The colours are vibrant, and there was no “blobbing” of the ink – you know that awful moment when you’re writing something out, and the pen leaves a small clump of ink on the paper? That didn’t happen with the InkJoys, even though the ink did look quite ‘defined’ (I can’t think of a better way to phrase it).

I’ve always been a bit of a Bic fan girl, but I have to say I am completely sold on the InkJoys! I may have to get myself a 4-colour InkJoy multi-pen for work!


I have been MIA

I am so sorry! I’ve been very ill lately – I’ve had tonsillitis twice! I’ve also been super busy with work, as it’s parent’s evening soon. I’ve therefore not had much chance to post here. I’m hopefully going to be posting more often from now on, so please bear with me whilst I catch up!

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