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I’m a bit late to the InkJoy party… But I’ve arrived!

on March 2, 2014

I recently ordered a DVD for my partner on Amazon, and came across a pack of 10 InkJoy pens for only £1.56! I’ve heard so much about these pens, but never actually had a chance to try them. Of course I had to get them!

Here they are:



Aren’t they lovely? I hadn’t realised until I received them that they have triangular-shaped barrels, but they are lovely to hold.

I went for a nice long walk in the beautiful sunshine yesterday, and after a couple of hours my Filofax, the InkJoys and I stopped to enjoy a few moments together:



My apologies for the shadows – as I said, it was beautifully sunny yesterday, but unfortunately because of that the only place left to sit was a spot with the sun behind me!

I sat and wrote in my Springboard with my InkJoys, and I have to say, they truly were a delight to write with. The ink flows beautifully smoothly, and they’re wonderfully comfy to hold – I’m right-handed, so I can’t vouch for a lefty, but I hold my pens in an unusual way and they suited me perfectly! The colours are vibrant, and there was no “blobbing” of the ink – you know that awful moment when you’re writing something out, and the pen leaves a small clump of ink on the paper? That didn’t happen with the InkJoys, even though the ink did look quite ‘defined’ (I can’t think of a better way to phrase it).

I’ve always been a bit of a Bic fan girl, but I have to say I am completely sold on the InkJoys! I may have to get myself a 4-colour InkJoy multi-pen for work!


2 responses to “I’m a bit late to the InkJoy party… But I’ve arrived!

  1. sliceofcake says:

    They look really nice, but how are they on the paper? Do they bleed through at all? I like writing in my diary with bright colours for important things but my pen could run out at any time and will need a replacement.

  2. snowyowl91 says:

    They don’t bleed through at all. I’ll update this post with some photos of the bleed (well, lack of it) when I get a chance 🙂

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