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NEW PRODUCT: the Filofax A5 Clipbook

on March 16, 2014

I paid a visit to my local WH Smiths yesterday, looking for a MO2P diary I could put in my Flex. I didn’t find one, but what I DID find intrigued me more. It was a new offering from Filofax. Of course I had to get it – what sort of stationery addict would I be otherwise?

I found a product I’d never seen before, called a Filofax Clipbook. It’s A5 size, and comes in three colours – blue, black, and apparently white according to the shop’s ticket – although I only saw the blue and the black. At £18, it isn’t overly expensive.


As you can see, the rings go through the cover, which is a soft floppy leather. It smells divine! The Clipbook is protected by a removable plastic cover, which could be used as a closure for the book if you wanted.




The Clipbook has a very slim profile compared to regular A5 Filofaxes – it’s rather akin to the Flex. The cover doesn’t extend out further than the pages, which helps reduce bulkiness but does mean that any tabs or pen holders you might add will stick out of the side:




Without them, it’s perfectly slim though:


There are no pockets or card slots on either of the covers, although if you really needed those you could always get some A5 pocket/card holder inserts. The Clipbook does, however, come with a variety of paper inserts, all undated – which is handy! After a ‘dash’ page which bears the Clipbook logo, it has sheets of lined, grid and plain paper:





It carries an undated fold-out year planner, 6 undated fold-out month planners (double-sided), and 13 undated double-sided week planners:







At the back, it carries some to-do sheets:


The colour is described as “petrol blue”, but I don’t think that does it justice. It’s a beautiful shade of blue! It’s come up quite true to life in the photos:



The back cover features the Clipbook logo embossed at the bottom, in the middle:


The Clipbook looks quite good, although I’m not completely sold on it yet. It’s a new concept though, so perhaps it will grow on me! One of my concerns is that to open the rings, you have to pull the covers away from each other. I thought pulling on the rings lead to damage – but apparently not, if Filofax have integrated it into the design of their new product! The fact that tabs, pen holders and today markers would stick out of it also puts me off, but if you were to use it just as a notebook then I suppose you wouldn’t need these.

I’ll use it for a while and then report back with my verdict, but for now I’m not fully decided. I’m already attached enough that I don’t want to take it back for a refund…


15 responses to “NEW PRODUCT: the Filofax A5 Clipbook

  1. Tim Edwards says:

    Great post. Many thanks! Really interesting concept. I knew that put a trademark on the name”Clipbook” sometime ago (2012 I think) so this has been in the pipeline for a little while. As one of the more vocal slimline A5 campaigners, I’ll be investigating this further!

    • LJ says:

      Hmmm – just googled Clipbook out of interest and the name is already being used for other products (allegedly trademarked)… I guess Filofax will want to be checking those out …

  2. Carol says:

    Thanks for your first-impression review. It looks really nice and I love that blue so I think I’ll be getting one rather soon. I particularly like the undated planner pages and will be good for making notes as a supplement to my A5 Malden which doesn’t leave the house.

  3. Tim, I second that. I have been after a slimline A5 for ages. I wish Filofax would reintroduce one, and not with a hideous, puffy cover which removes any advantage of being a slimline. I had never heard of the Clipbook before. I wonder if it was an acquisition, or an in-house Filofax development? If its in-house, then it is good to see some imagination coming out of Filofax towers, instead of yet more flowers on yet more pastel shades. This looks like an interesting possibility, and for the price, I will definitely buy one to test its suitability. Thanks for the review, Snowyowl. Really looking forward to your updated thoughts on this, having used it a bit more.

  4. Bree says:

    I would totally love these designs as inserts for a regular A5 binder. Also, this could be a great storage binder option. Of course, FFUSA probably won’t get these.

    • Cheryl says:

      Also wondering how to get this living in US. Think it’s great. Hope they become available online somewhere that does US shipping! Great review btw.

  5. Bree says:

    So I went to the website on the back – – it redirects to Searching Clipbook returns no results on FF’s site. Google only shows that Filofax will debut these be at a stationery show next month. So you’re apparently the only person on the planet to have one of these 😀

  6. Nickie says:

    I wasn’t too sure about this before but now I’ve seen it I have fallen in love with it! It’s the perfect notebook accompaniment to a Filofax. I hope they are going to do the in different (matching) sizes.

    Great review.

  7. LJ says:

    These look really good – perfect for when you need plenty of writing space, without the bulk of an A5 Filofax…

  8. Oh, I like the idea of these. I probably wouldn’t want to pay £18 for it (i’m a poor student!) but I do like how it looks!

  9. snowyowl91 says:

    Thank you for all of your comments! I’m still in the process of using it and making it work for me – I’m sure you all know the feeling when you get a new Filofax, and have to “settle” into it. I will keep you all updated on how this goes for me and I’ll put up a new post about it in due course.

  10. I’m really interested in this idea! I think you got it right at the end though – it’s not meant to be like a filofax diary, but more like a notebook (from other things that filofax have released since you posted this). I can’t wait till they’re released in the US! I’m really looking forward to your update! thanks for posting this.

  11. eleonora says:

    Hi! where did you find it? I read on some blogs that it will be sold on filofax us from this week on but it is not available yet. I’d also like to know if it will only available in leather or not! I hope not, because i like this idea and i’d like to try for my uni!

    • Tim Edwards says:

      I was fascinated and purchased one of these as soon as I saw this posting. It was from one of the WH Smith “trial stores”. I suspect not many will have been sold if other branches also had them hidden at the end of one shelf as I found at their Birmingham Fort branch! I understand that Filofax were waiting to launch Clipbook at the big trade stationery show in London last week. i suspect it may be a while before it arrives in the USA, but i may be wromg. It’s not yet on the Filofax UK website as I write this.

      The “soft, textured, leather look cover” is definitely NOT real leather! It’s actually a piece of plastic folded over and laminated (glued) to provide double thickness on the front and back cover, whilst just single thickness on the flexible spine. It’s a clever idea as folding back the covers opens the rings and the thin spine makes for flexibility. The smell (which I hate) is the glue used!

      The ring mechanism is an economy 25mm mech from Worldwide of China. Their branding is on the back. “Economy” because it’s just a standard 25mm Filofax mechanism minus the opening tabs. This means that the only way to open the rings other than by bending back the covers, is with your fingers – the way we’ve always been told NEVER to do!

      The inserts are interesting because they have no Filofax branding or copyright date. I wonder if these were also manufactured by a third party rather than in-house at the Filofax plant in Scotland? Everything is undated which will mean that the inserts won’t need to be replaced if they are still on the retailer’s shelves after a few months.

      The only Filofax branding is on the cover sheet and on the back cover. It is their new logo (with no animated “f”), and very much secondary to the Clipbook branding. I expect we’ll see more of the new logo on other new products.

      I hope the true story of this product emerges. It seems to be going head-to-head with the similar MiracleBind. I keep wondering if the Clipbook concept dates from before the Blueline/Rediform merger last year, but that Letts Filofax were too committed to stop the launch of Clipbook? Certainly the applications for patents were submitted in 2012, when Letts Filofax was still in the hands of the venture capitalists.

      I found it an intriguing new product. It’s hardly an alternative to a Filofax but would be great for storage. Equally, it lends itself to covering the laminated plastic with real leather or even hacking an A5 Filofax Flex cover to give you a proper binder with pockets and much smaller than a standard A5 Filofax. Now, there’s an idea for a DIY project!

  12. Thesy says:

    Hi from France!
    Love the concept … But before ordering it from Uk I still wondering how to use it.. I am using my personal Filofax for many years and was looking for an additional practical writing book… Your review and picture are very good Tks!
    I will wait for the next review on ” how did you get on with”…might get it even before as I am as well an “stationery addict”

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