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Quick update on my Flex/Springboard experiment

on March 30, 2014

I’ve been using the A5 Flex and Personal Springboard together for quite a while now. So, how has that gone?

Well, I’ve been loving the extra space in my Flex. My Personal diary looks so cramped in comparison:




The Flex is hardly any bigger than the Springboard either – it doesn’t really take up any more space in my bag. In fact, it’s a bit of a space-saver!



I’ve stored my spare stickers behind my diary in the Flex, and it works really well:



So I’m nicely set up in the Flex! So, has it solved my problem?

…Well, not really. Instead of having one “favourite” Filofax, I now have two. The Flex works nicely, and the space is wonderful, but the Springboard is so pretty! I mean, look at this:


Isn’t that beautiful! I’d also miss the lack of rings in my Flex. I haven’t actually needed them in my Flex these last couple of weeks, whereas I have used the rings in my Springboard. The space in my Springboard isn’t a problem in any other way except the diary – so perhaps I need to look at the way I log things in my diary, rather than upsizing?

Argh! Decisions, decisions… what should I do?


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