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My Week #1: the reprise

I’m re-introducing the My Week feature! It’s been so long since I did it that I think I should probably start again from number 1, don’t you agree?

I’ve set myself up in an A5 Arc. I know, change again! I’m terrible for it. I’ve been so unsettled in the Personal Filofaxes, looking for a solution to the page size vs portability issue, and… I think the Arc might just be it. I already feel at home in it! I’ll blog about the setup soon.

Anyway, this is this week:


I’ve been rather busy! Between running and working, I’ve barely had a moment to breathe. I didn’t do the Parkrun on Saturday, because everyone else I run with dropped out, and I had no other way of getting there. Oh well, plenty more Parkruns to do in the future!

So, that was my week. How was yours?

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Different Filofax WO2P layouts

Filofax Cotton Cream WO2P layout offer an equal space per day, compared to the usual WO2P which has larger weekdays and smaller weekends:




I thought I preferred the equal space layout, but after seeing both together like this I think I prefer the old style layout. Sometimes my weekends are busy, but I usually fill up a weekday box more than a weekend.

What do you think? Which do you prefer?


My current Filofax collection

Since my last post on this topic, my Filofax/organiser collection has changed dramatically! This is what I currently own:


image (6)


In order, they are:


1. A5 Filofax Clipbook in teal

2. A5 Filofax Flex in slate

3. A5 Staples Arc in purple

4. Personal Ferrari organiser in red

5. Personal Apex in pink/blue

6. Personal Springboard in green/fuschia

7. Personal Swift in sage

8. Pocket Metropol in kingfisher blue


Aren’t they beautiful? Which one’s your favourite?

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Filofax idea #2

Have you ever bought some sticker sheets to use in your filofax, but they’re simply too big to store in it?

No problem.

I had some beautiful sticker sheets I bought from Paperchase:


Lovely, but too big for my Filofax to hold comfortably. So I chopped them in half, careful not to cut any of the stickers:


I then glued them in, using up some scrap Filofax sheets in the process (this one being the “have you ordered your 2015 diary yet?” sheet:


I’m very happy with the result! I can now carry these stickers around me, and I haven’t even wasted any paper in the process!