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A planner dilemma

on May 3, 2014

As you might remember from my last post, I’m having a bit of a struggle between which planner I want to use. Every time I move into one of them, I find myself getting planner envy towards my other planners. I know, getting planner envy towards yourself – how ridiculous!

There are 3 contenders – an A5 Arc, an A5 Filofax and a Personal Filofax. I’m going to list the pros and cons of each, in the hope you’ll help me decide:


Personal Filofax, Swift

-Small and lighter to carry (in comparison)
-More portable
-I own the correct hole punch to punch sheets straight in
-It’s beautiful
-Fits in more of my bags (I like to switch around quite a bit)

-The pages are smaller so I don’t have a lot of space to write, so things get cramped
-Pages tend to “pop out” when you open the rings – that is, they come off the rings and you have to spend time putting them all back on


A5 Filofax, “System Organiser” from circa 1992

-The leather is rather lovely!
-Plenty of space to write
-Plenty of pockets/slots/a zip pocket inside
-Easy to get paper in the right size

-It’s quite big!
-Punching pages is awkward, because I don’t have an A5 punch (and I’m not buying one)
-It’s pretty heavy and bulky
-Potential for the same popping-off-the-rings issue
-Very, very slight ring-alignment issue, which doesn’t currently affect the pages but may in future


A5 Arc by Staples, Purple

-Lots of space to write
-Easy to get A5 paper to fit
-Planner is lightweight
-Covers/discs are cheap
-Can increase/reduce capacity and size to suit
-I own the Arc punch
-No issue with pages falling off rings/rings developing gaps in future

-I would be abandoning my beloved Filofaxes 😦
-No closure mechanism

I really don’t know what to do. I’m drawn to all 3 of these planners! Obviously I only need to use one, so… Which do I pick? I have no use for a home planner, or a work planner… I’m a one-life-one-planner girl.

Please help!


2 responses to “A planner dilemma

  1. Vivian says:


    I would choose the first planner because personal size is easily portable and it is very beautiful and cute. I specially like the little charm you have on it.

    The second planner is beautiful, I love the fact that it’s leather. It’s just that I, personally, couldn’t deal with a planner in A5 size, it’s just too big for me.

    The only one I don’t like much is the last, because of the rings. They look big and like there are too many of them (if this makes any sense!).

    But, in the end, it’ll be about what feels right for you. I hope it helps at least a little bit!

  2. I love my personal Filofax…and I could never abandon it because the cover is so pretty. I just wish I could find the fabric so I could make a phone case and kindle cover!

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