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A5 vs Personal, part 2: I went for the personal!

on July 15, 2014

So as part of my “planner peace” process, I wrote a list of everything I want from a planner:

(Excuse my messy handwriting!)

I think it’s a good idea, if you’re experiencing planner fail (or planner meltdown, as I experienced) to take a step back and make a list like this. Forget everything about your current planners, and what you do and don’t have in stock, and just list exactly what it is you need from a planner. Once you’ve done this your choice should be clear.

So I did this, and made my decision. I moved back into my Personal Swift.

It was suggested to me on my last post that I should try and stick with A5 – and try I did. I tried so hard to make it work, but I didn’t last more than 20 minutes before getting frustrated by the sheer extra bulk that carrying an A5 entails. However, I thought I needed the paper space. So I went to Paperchase, bought a WO2P bound A5 diary, and moved in…

…I used it for a grand total of 10 minutes before enough was enough. I missed my Swift too much. So back into the Swift I went.

I’ve since realised I need lined pages, so I’ve ordered some of those, but for the most part I am incredibly happy with my decision! I’m thinking of trying my hand at a Filofax video of my setup, so that’ll be coming soon!

For the moment, consider planner peace achieved!


2 responses to “A5 vs Personal, part 2: I went for the personal!

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  2. Great post! I just recently did this as well! I also have to have lines!!

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