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Back in the A5 Arc… With a twist!

on July 19, 2014

Remember my last post in which I talked about having chosen the Filofax Personal Swift as my planner?

Yeah, that didn’t last long.

I moved in, and after a few hours I already began to miss the space A5 offers. But I knew I didn’t want to carry an A5 Filofax! So I had a good old think, and my mind drew me back to my old buddy, the A5 Arc:


I remember how much I loved him – he was the perfect compromise between paper space and bulk. You won’t find a better customisation-ability-to-paper-space ratio anywhere!

Recently, I bought this beautiful planner from Paperchase: (screen grabbed a picture of it from the website)


I loved the design, but it just wasn’t customisable. It just wouldn’t work for me! I’d have to stick to the Arc. So I started looking for a closing mechanism for my Arc, as that was what had caused me to fall out of love with my Arc in the first place. But then I had a brainwave…

What if I made the A5 planner customisable by turning it into an Arc?

I could unloop it from the spiral binding, punch each page, and re-insert them onto discs! Plus the planner had an elastic closure! It was perfect!

So that’s exactly what I did.

I started off by unlooping the spiral binding. I didn’t take a photo of this stage, but it’s as simple as it sounds – pull the binding open slightly, and unhook each page from the binding.

I then punched the back cover:


I briefly had the thought to keep the existing poly cover and just use the back for the closure – because the front of the Paperchase planner has “2014-2015” written on it. But it soon became apparent that that just wouldn’t look right:



So I punched the 2014-2015 cover. It’s not that much of a big deal, because I can always replace the covers or sticker over the date when it becomes outdated.


Next, I punched the pages inside. The pages were ever so slightly larger than A5, so I used an existing A5 Arc page as a guide. I used my craft knife and a ruler (well, something my boyfriend had lying around from work which you measure pupil distance in glasses with) to cut the pages:





So far so good! The pages looked quite good having been transferred:



The planner came with frosted dividers, which I rather liked, so I punched those too:





I put all the pages and dividers in the planner, on the rings, and it was complete! My beautiful owl planner, but customisable! Isn’t she a beauty?


I’m so happy with the result! When I’m all set up I’ll do a tour post, but until then, thanks for reading!


2 responses to “Back in the A5 Arc… With a twist!

  1. KentfromOz says:

    This is wonderful. I like how you explained your journey through deciding to go back. Space is very imprtant. Well done. I hope it continues to work out for you. Cheers, Kent

  2. Katie says:

    Great job! I haven’t seen the Arc punch. I don’t live close to a Staples so I only have the website. Is it very expensive? I’m already having lots of ideas of the notebooks I could be making for myself.

    Love Katie x

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