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Pilot Frixion “Colors” test

on July 20, 2014

I’d been eyeing up these beauties on Amazon for a while:


They were reduced to £9.99 a couple of weeks ago, so I ordered them and they arrived this week.

Now, the first thing that bothered me when they arrived was that they weren’t in rainbow order. I soon sorted that!



The pens are quite nice to write with. Some of the nibs seem to write thinner than others, and black does seem quite thick.


Now for the important part: erasing them! I was quite disappointed by this to be honest. They do erase, but they left a black smudge on my paper. Maybe that wouldn’t bother some people, but it annoys me immensely!



There wasn’t a lot of show-through with the pens, which was good. I’m using Staples Arc paper to test it though, which is 90gsm, so I also tested it on Filofax paper and the show-through was more prominent.



The pens are not too bad I suppose. I’ll certainly use them to decorate my planner with, but I probably won’t use the erasable side of them – they don’t seem that erasable! The colours are nice, but to be honest if you won’t be erasing them, you may as well buy some nicer, non-erasable marker pens.

Until next time! x


One response to “Pilot Frixion “Colors” test

  1. Katie says:

    Ooh, I’ve had my eye on these for a while! Do you do any art or colouring in your FF? I’d be really interested to see how well they work for that.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Love Katie x

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